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July 31, 2014


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Maritza  Huertas

Thank you Nancy for your advice on hummingbirds i miss my three hummingbirds one with white neck the other red neck and another with blue neck iam tryng everything to bring them bach

The Zen Birdfeeder

Nancy-Elizabeth, the birdhouse pictured is a recycled Eastern Bluebird house that our chickadees chose to nest in. It is available online at http://shop.wbu.com/p/wbu-ecotough-eastern-bluebird-nesting-box?os=354

The Zen Birdfeeder

Luisa, thank you!!! You're very kind!
Diana, glad we could help you identify the young ones.
Ellen, thanks much.
Daniel, oh my, I'm a "grandma"! ;)

Nancy-Elizabeth Nimmich

Looks like a fascinating and obviously well-liked birdhouse.Where would that be available?

Daniel LaFrance

Wonderful ending to what has been a great experience for you and us readers.

Congrats Grandma!


Great pictures! I love watching those young birds as they go from awkward "first flight" to finesse their landing skills.

Diana Little

Thanks so much. With your pics I can I identify the fledglings in our yard. I do not know where the nest is.
I can also tell the difference in their vocalizations.
Again thanks


Oh, that last shot. Best. baby bird. photo. EVER.

Hands-down winner for adorableness, baby-bird lips and chickadee preciousness. Thanks so much for the updates, and for looking out for these youngsters!!

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