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July 24, 2013


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Elaine, what I love best about your comment is hearing that your boys are bird lovers now because you exposed them to nature early on. Good for you and good for them! Congratulations!
Patti, if the nest is pretty soiled and/or buggy, take it out. I cleaned mine out after my earlier brood, put in new wood chips, and got a second brood going!


How cool! Chickadees are our favorites. We put out a nest box for the first time this year and were thrilled to have a pair choose to nest there. All have fledged now. Newbie question...do I need to clear out that nest now that they're gone?

Elaine Sow

I LOVE Chickaddes! When my three boys were small, they all made small bird houses in Cub Scouts (my husband did the sessions in his shop). Ours were right outside our kitchen window with a plexiglass back. We could sneak out and watch the nest happenings. It was fabulous and they are all outdoorsmen and bird lovers to this day! I lovee you sharing all this with us; thank you!!!


The Zen Birdfeeder

Thanks Michael. Hopefully your new feeder will arrive by weekend!


Nice picture Nancy!!

Gotta love the Chickadees!

I can't wait to get the mealworm feeder I ordered from you.

Bluebirds Eating Live Mealworms

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