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April 01, 2013


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Carla Lemar

I'm glad you've decided to keep writing. I love your blog.

Carole Williams

Thank you for the great articles. . I love reading all your comments and love the photos. My husband and I so enjoy watching the birds, and all Gods creatures. Happy anniversary!

Peg Wiggins

Happy Blogging Anniversary. I am very grateful that you have continued blogging. I only discovered your blog in the past couple of years via Facebook. And I thoroughly enjoy your photography and have learned from your posts. TY


This is the first time I have blogged-maybe the second :) -
but I always look at your posts. Your site brings me peace and joy. Birds fascinate me and they are a true passion of mine. I value you, your subscribers, and the sharing of stories and information. Thank you for staying.


I have just stumbled on your blog while searching for info on the birds in my yard. Happy Anniversary on your blog, I hope you'll continue-I have so many questions I'm sure you'll be able to answer in time!!!

Joyce Conley

I would really miss seeing a notice of The Zen Birdfeeder in my e-mail! Happy Anniversary!


Nancy - Happy Anniversary! So glad you are continuing, although I understand how busy things can get and how yard-birding can dry up in the winter months (especially in this town). Never let it be a chore you feel you must do, but a delight that just "happens" when it's meant to happen. I'm sure your readers are happy as long as we know that you will be back with more gems from your yard and from your travels (my personal favorites are the hummers)

Donna M. Simonetti

I enjoy your blog very much Nancy! Please keep going. Yes, you are appreciated.


via email:
Hi Nancy
So glad you decided against retiring your blog and will keep representing my niche! Cut down the frequency if need to do so but please don't stop. Sometimes less is more and we'll all hunger for your next posting.


I'm so glad you are going to continue. Your blog is a little bit of peace in my morning - right before I meet a library full of teenagers before the first bell!



Happy Anniversary Nancy.
My husband and I look forward to your
blog post sooo much! Glad you have reconsidered. :)


Nancy congratulations on your 6th! I found it really interesting that you too had some doubts about your blog. I certainly have struggled in the past few months. But too have decided to continue, maybe not daily, but I do love watching birds as you do, and also all of nature including my pets. And other people's pets! LOL.

Best wishes for continuing success - you do represent the bird watchers, the ones who love to sit and look out a window at the activity outside, or on the deck while a hummer flits around... So glad you are continuing. Your writing and your photographs are wonderful.

Barb Baird

So glad you will continue... you are appreciated!

Vickie Henderson

Happy Anniversary, Nancy! Lovely tribute to birds and blogging!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Ellen, thanks so much. I do appreciate your engagement and thanks for your love of the birds.
Dawn, thanks for your teehees and your support. They mean a lot to me!

Dawn Fine

Don't stop! Who will I tee Hee to? Seriously, keep going!


Happy anniversary, Nancy! I always enjoy reading your blog & seeing your photographs.

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