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January 28, 2013


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Thanks everyone for your comments and congratulations to Elaine!

Red Bank House Cleaning

What a great idea to use nature photographs to write such a cute book!

I just bought one for a favorite 4 year old. Can't wait to read it to him.

Donna Haynes

Sounds like a wonderful and fun book for kids! My son is 7 and would love this!

Maggie Van Zandt

I love this! I have several pictures of bird butts that all you can see are the tail/butt feathers. Makes a pretty abstract book. I will look for this book. I am sure the 1st graders at my duaghter's school will love it when I show up for "mystery reader.". Thanks for sharing!


What a super cute book and educational too! My two grand daughters would love it! They already have their own running gag about my Goldfinches, they call them banana birds and just crack themselves up. It started when they were little and I was introducing our birds at the feeders to them and showing them the colors that different birds are. We just happened to have bananas near by and so came the funny nick name, "banana bird" that we have all come to know and love and smile about. I think this book would be right up their alley of fun and educational reading. Thanks for the chance to win, ~Gin~ A.K.A. Grammie, the banana bird feeder.


How cute! I will definately look for this book! I'm a librarian building a collection for my grandchildren. The first will be born in about 6 months!!!

Maria Matrazzo

My son and I saw this at your store this past weekend and thought it looked like a fun book!

Susan Benson

This would be a great for my grandsons. Butts talk always brings a lot of giggles and they love reading about nature and animals. Trying to get them interested in bird butts.


I don't know if you're familiar with the photography of Dave Lewis, but his "Birds from Behind" blog could have served as the inspiration for this book! In fact, I've often suggested that he should do a field guide using the back- and undersides of songbirds, since that's how we usually see them.

Carole Sevilla Brown

I love Stan's work! And since I have quite a few "butt" shots in my collection, I think this is a wonderful way to use them. I volunteer with an inner city classroom who wants to learn about birds and other animals and I know they'd think something like this is really funny.

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