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January 25, 2013


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Kurt Weiskotten

Nice information Nancy. This message about the impact of cats on songbirds needs to be spread widely. I live in a very rural area and feed the birds extensively. I routinely put out a game cam to capture the wildlife activity on my property. I continuously document on film the hunting antics of at least three different cats - stalking and disturbing birds and wildlife. I have no idea where they come from, but I can say without a doubt they are impacting and disrupting bird and mammal populations on my property. Anyone who does not see that by not keeping cats indoors, they are seriously harming wildlife, and the cats they love as well. One last thought - the staggering numbers cited do not even include feral cats, that probably have an even greater impact.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Sue, thanks and feel free to share as you wish.
Heidar, thanks for the thumbs up!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Regina, all three simple statements are based in scientific research. #2 and #3, in which you take issue, have been proven once again in recently published research. http://www.wildlifemanagementinstitute.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=610:new-research-suggests-outdoor-cats-kill-more-wildlife-than-thought&catid=34:ONB%20Articles&Itemid=54
I could go on and on in response to your diatribe, but unless you believe in science, no argument I present will satisfy you.
I love birds. I love wildlife. And I love cats, not just MY cats. And with the help of the scientific information available to me, I believe cats do not belong out in the wild.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Rebecca, you're right there about cat owners in denial. As far as keeping cats out without building a fortress, make sure you give your birds a chance by not placing feeders, baths and Birdhouses too close to where hiding cats can ambush them. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


Did we wake up on the wrong side of life this morning Regna? I know, you probably didn't have your coffee yet. A bit extreme, don't you think? I don't think she posted this as the end all but maybe one small one. Every little bit helps. Do whatever you want it is a free country, last I checked. Really the thing that bothers me are the neighborhood cats in my yard, since you can't really train a cat to stay in your yard, like you can a dog, they end up under the feeders for breakfast. That's all...
Enjoy your site Nancy, keep up the good work.

Sue Gregg

Such great advice Nancy! I plan to share this our customers too!


The only statement based on fact is #3. The first two statements gloss over the fact that humans are THE threat to birds and other wildlife. The numbers in #1 have no basis in fact. In reality, cats aren't necessarily interested in hunting a creature who can fly off. It is easier to hunt creatures who lack the advantage of flight. Some cats do pursue birds. They also pursue butterflies. For 2, remember that cats also kill vermin, such as rats and mice.

Publications such as this, designed through invented "facts", should be passed through review by actual scientific method. Better yet, don't piss off the idiots and keep your cats indoors. Because these idiots might poison, shoot, or otherwise harm your pet. Any birds who suffer from their cat poisoning efforts, as well as "bird-lovers'"stupidity with fertilisers, insecticides, and herbicides, plus mowing their chemically green lawns, will of course be blamed on the cats.

And keep your dogs in your own yard. They are predators too. Horses and cattle need to be kept indoors, as pasture management also includes disruptive activities such as herbicide application, and runoff from cleaning animals and their insecticide rinses. Forget about planting crops, because that kills birds too, with tilling, herbicide/pesticide/fertiliser use. Don't build any more new houses/subdivisions, shopping malls, factories; and don't build more roads. Be sensible, don't blame the whole problem on a very small part.

Rebecca W. Gaertner

Thank you for this-Many cat owners are in denial. We need ways to keep cats out of our yard???

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