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September 25, 2012


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Karen, two things I do when doves get a little too...uh, piggy: First, I make sure the seed does not contain any white millet (the small white round seeds they really like). Second, if they're dominating tray feeders, I take the floor inserts out. Short of that, take down the larger feeders they frequent and leave just feeders that require birds to perch, something doves are unable to do. Good luck!

Karen Daniels

I love them too, but last year and now this year already, they have been hanging onto the bird feeders and eating all the food, and pretty darn quick I might add, and there's none then left for the smaller birds. Any suggestions?

The Zen Birdfeeder

Lori Ann - doves take-off sounds are pretty interesting, especially since it's made by the wings.
Greg - putting those doves to work, are you? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Greg Peet - Portage MI

I appreciate the mourning doves under my feeders. They eat the seeds that other birds have spilled which helps keep the yard neater.

Lori Ann Christina

I find their call soothing. I never begrudge a Mourning dove. I know I can usually look out and see a mourning dove pecking the ground and strutting. I also know the distinctive sound of them taking off or coming in for a landing. Kind of like a creaky door.

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