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June 14, 2012


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Jade Brunet

Thank you for this council about operating a solar powered birdbath fountain. I did not realize the importance of keeping the pump clean. It is interesting to know that there is no such thing as a self-cleaning pump so cleaning by hand is the method to choose. Something else to consider would be to use proper cleaning supplies while carrying out this project.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Rima, I think the casing is just taller. Their newer model has a lower pump.


Greetings. Tip #4 says water should be at least deep enough to cover the pump. But in the sparrow pool party photo, isn't that the pump sticking up out of the water? I'm confused. (But then, I'm easily confused.)

The Zen Birdfeeder

Judith, the one shown pumps the water in the bath, so you do have to just keep an eye on water level so the pump doesn't run dry.
You could check your local Wild Birds Unlimited to see if they carry it. If they need more information on the model, they can call our store at 518-226-0071.
Or you could call our store to purchase one and we'll ship it to you.
We LOVE ours!!!!


I have a cement bird bath and would like to add a small solar powered water pump/fountain which I hope will recycle water (vs it being connected to a faucet). Where can I purchase one? Thank you so much.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Kathy, check the pump unit itself. There is usually an flow adjustment wheel. Hopefully that helps!


Good morning, your information was very informative but didn't cover my problem. I bought a solar bird bath new, solar panel on top with 4 in water spigot in the middle , allowing water to fall onto the panel , filling the panel depth and then trickling down to large water basin . My question, the water has always barely trickled from the spigot from the first time I set it up........ suppose to flow freely like a mild spray, to make soft water sounds to attract birds. I live in Virginia, clear sky, and full sun on solar panel.
I hope you can suggest some remedies . Thank you

The Zen Birdfeeder

Pat, that is the wire from the pump to the solar panel. The panel is staked in the yard, about 8' away.


Just curious - what is the cord/wire shown in the photo that appears to be coming from the fountain and over the side of the bath?

The Zen Birdfeeder

Michelle, the solar fountain is available at Wild Birds Unlimited Saratoga Springs NY http://www.saratogasprings.wbu.com
or try checking the Wild Birds Unlimited shop nearest you https://maps.wbu.com/


Where did you get this fountain from? The manufacturer etc. I would love to get one for my birdbath.
Thank you for this information here!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Brad, thanks and good luck with that new solar fountain!

Brad Hoss

Hey, thanks! I was just looking into getting a few solar fountains for the garden. I'm hoping that the birds that enjoy flying around my house will enjoy what I have to give them.

The Zen Birdfeeder

SLE - thanks much.

Sugar Land electrician

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The Zen Birdfeeder

Solar, thank you!


Fantastic as always, keep up the radical work!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Marlene, good to hear you have a dripper to provide moving water. I'm sure your birds appreciate it!
ps, the sound of the solar fountain IS calming for me and also attracts the birds. A win-win!


My birdbath has a dripper. There is no pump with this set-up. It is connected to the faucet and constantly provides fresh water to the birds. Sometimes they drink right from the dripper! I still have to scrub the bath though - about once a week. More in hot weather.


These solar birdbath fountains are a great add on to your house. The tranquil aura would reflect the water gushing through the fountain.

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