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March 08, 2012


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Bella, thank you! I appreciate you stopping in and commenting!


Thank you for the fast and informative info on your web page .

The Zen Birdfeeder

Barbara - birds can lose feathers because of mites, but the Blue Jays that I see in my yard during August that have bald heads have just lost their head feathers all at one time during a regular molt. They usually molt gradually so we barely notice. Don't worry, they grow back!
Thanks so much for your nice feedback!


Goodness that poor bird - what happened to its feathers on its head Nancy?

Love all your faqs and your posts... great stuff to read and think about.

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  • Our eyes and ears should be open and alert to the natural wonders that surround us every day. Take time to look out our windows to see the birds that visit us and open our windows to hear them. Walk around whatever space we have to enjoy the birds in nature. Every day, work on improving our powers of observation.


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