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March 08, 2011


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Patricia Ely

A couple birds using their beaks tossed food to the ground and within an hour I had 20 to 30 birds eating from the feeder and seed on the ground.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Scott, you have a great chance to attract goldfinches at a second story level. I too hung 2 finch feeders off a 2nd floor balcony rail. The goldfinches seem to like this special spot just for them!
Good luck and keep us posted.


My mom is 92 years old and asked me to hang a Finch feeder outside on a balcony deck of her 2nd story apartment building probably 17 -18 ft above the ground. What chances do you give that the finches will find it. We see lots of finches in this neighborhood.
Thank you.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Hi Renee - we're excited about that new feeder and so are our little birds.
Did you use your bird guide to identify that bird you saw?
A new finch feeder and fresh niger seed will be on its way to Iowa soon from your connections in NY.


That bird feeder is fun!

A couple of days ago I saw the first birds in my backyard and yesterday a little guy came to my thistle feeder for a quick visit.

This afternoon you could hear birds chirping everywhere, enjoying the 45 degree temperatures in Iowa.

The Zen Birdfeeder

John - thanks much. Not sure if Laura carries this feeder in S.Portland. Chickadees...old faithful!
BIF - thanks, I really love the way it looks!

Birding is Fun!

What a beautiful feeder!


Great post Nancy! I love the hollowed out log type feeder. I'm guessing it's a WBU product. Will have to check it out. Chickadees & Red-breasted Nuthatches are usually the first visitors to our new feeders.


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