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February 04, 2011


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bijuterii argint

Sounds like a great book for wild life lovers. I really interesting incursion to these birds habitats. For novices, it may be a good guide to enrich their knowledge.

Steve H

Great review. Looks like a wonderful book for my nephew

Sue Kazilas

This sounds like a great book! We are starting a new set of mini courses for students. In the fall I introduced this class to birding and equipment. We had a ball finding and looking at birds! I will pick up a copy for the teacher to share with her students! Thanks for the review.

E Brooke Conklin

Sounds like a really worthwhile book, especially for novices like me.

Marianne Russell

Will pass this on to our new homeschool bird group - I'm sure they will appreciate this, as will my children (who already do a lot of birding, but will enjoy something geared specifically towards them)! Great idea!


After that great review I would really like a copy. Thanks.

Carla Lemar

I would love to win this book. For the past several years I take my niece and nephews to our annual birding festival, have given then bird feeders/seeds for their birthday and this would be a great addition.

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