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March 15, 2010


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Tom Hughes

Hi, Mike:
Everyone at Crown Point State Histroic Site looks forward to seeing you this year. We know that your recovery continues and that you have many friends to cheer you on. But whenever you need something, please contact us because we would be very glad to help. - Tom Hughes

Danielle Garneau

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful spring filled with interesting birds at the feeder. SUNY Plattsburgh wildlifers are hoping you get well soon.
take care,
Danielle Garneau and the SUNY Plattsburgh wildlife class



Best wishes on your recovery, and that you'll be back to doing what you love soon! And many thanks for all that you do for birds and birders alike.

Middle Grove, NY

Mona Bearor

Best wishes for your recovery, Mike. I have fond memories of my times at Crown Point. Holding a songbird after banding, then releasing it is an amazing experience that you have given to hundreds of us over the years. Get well soon so you can return to the birds - they'll be looking for you!
Mona Bearor
South Glens Falls

David Rutkowski

Hi Mike,

Kathy and I wish you a speedy return to the nets. Birds are arriving daily and are looking for you.

Dave & Kathy Rutkowski
Ticonderoga, NY

Robert Wotton

Mike, Betty and I want to wish you well. Have a speedy recovery. We follow the birds north from here in Arizona around May 11 and look forward to visiting Crown Point with family and friends. Hope to see you then.

Betty & Bob Wotton
Green Valley, AZ.

Chris Maron

Hi Mike,
Your expertise and assistance made it possible for TNC to get a million dollar grant in 2009 from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to buy wetlands on Lake Champlain. The money bought a great place called Chubb's Dock near Whitehall, plus other places in Vermont. Thousands of birds will always have that habitat now thanks to you. Get well soon so we can continue to see the great things you inspire in others.
Chris Maron
Westport, NY

Thomas Barber

Hi Mike,

Speedy recovery! Please come back sooner than the bridge!!!

Tom & Jean

Malinda Chapman

Hi Mike!
We hope you are healing, and we know you are in good hands. Our family is thinking of you and send all send you our best for courage and strength and patience as you work on recuperating. The turkey vultures arrived here today, robins, killdeer, and red wing black birds a few days ago.
We are having fun making maple syrup, 50 buckets hung in the woods around our home.
So here is a syrup -y hug,
Malinda ( for all of us)

Nancy A Carter

Mike, I've visited the banding station a few times over the past few years and have enjoyed your posts on the birds list. Get well soon!

Nancy Kern

Hi Mike-

We haven't met, but I knew your parents when they lived at Prestwick Chase in Saratoga. I was so sad to hear of the loss of your mother, and I have lost touch with your father. I hope he is doing well. I am an avid birdwatcher since age 2, and your parents proudly spoke of you when we discuseed the birds around Prestwick. We also had a cottage near them and it was a wonderful area to bird.
I was sorry to hear about your problems over the last year. I was hoping that at some point we might meet. I wish you the best, and always wish good birding.

Nancy Kern
Austerlitz, NY
Columbia County

susan r stewart

I have a photo of myself holding for release a male Magnolia Wabler taken at Crown Point Banding station May of 2001, compliments of Mike Peterson. Thank You Mike
for sharing your expertise/love of birds. Well Wishes..
Susan R. Stewart
Saratoga County, NY

Alan Mapes

Mike - Best wishes with your recovery. I know you by reputation and your great book written with Gary Lee. I worked with Gary as a DEC staffer for many years.

Best, Alan Mapes
Delmar, NY


Hi Mike,

I hope you feel better soon! I enjoyed meeting you and your colleagues last May when Nancy C. and I made the trip to Crown Point. The birds need you! Best wishes for a speedy recovery--you need to get back to those itty bitty bands and magnifiers!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

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