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January 29, 2010


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Feed Nature - thanks!

Feed nature

I love your job to feed birds...Keep up your good work...

The Zen Birdfeeder

Chad - Good job!
Margaret - It's so cute to see the little birds on the snowman.
SciGuy - yeah, I can down a 1/2 cup in no time and have an extra 412 calories to deal with :(


...Which makes them great for birds, but not that great for us in copious amounts.


I love your little snow man feeders (both the seed and cage) - they are really cute. I do have peanuts but I have to put them out sparingly. Peanuts and suet will go out on a regular basis only when I've replaced the roughcut with aluminum or vinyl!


The feeders were busy today. They must have known the snow was coming in. We are keeping the seed and suet stocked for them so they can keep up their energy.

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  • Our eyes and ears should be open and alert to the natural wonders that surround us every day. Take time to look out our windows to see the birds that visit us and open our windows to hear them. Walk around whatever space we have to enjoy the birds in nature. Every day, work on improving our powers of observation.


  • Nature happens. We cannot MAKE natural things happen (or NOT happen). We can create habitats to encourage natural things to happen around us, but there are no guarantees.


  • Birdfeeding comes with responsibilities to the birds and the environment we share with them. If you are unwilling to accept these responsibilities, you shouldn’t feed the birds. We also have a responsibility to share these natural wonders with the next generation.