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September 02, 2009


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...what a cool presentation! You're so creative...

Dawn Fine

Finally...I get some decent internet and can see your post for I and the Bird!
Great job..
Like the line up.
Actually this is nice and clean cut and makes it easier to check out all the posts.

Oh i want to mention..in case u dont know why u are getting that strange pop up on your blog...I also got the same thing..
had John @dendroica help me out...it happened to be the digiscoping today photo and link..
took it off and i no longer get that darn pop up..
let me know if it works for you.


Great presentation Nancy!


Good one Nancy and I'm not even saddle sore!


Love the theme for this I and the Bird. Well done Nancy.

The poor horse that ended up with jockey Gwen. Haha.
I hope for its sake it's a Belgian Heavy Horse. :D

Larry Jordan

Nice job Nancy! I love the horse racing motif and what a great turn out!


Now that's what I like - birding at the track! What a creative nod to our summer meet. For today's feature, all the entries seem pretty evenly matched and are lookin' good in the paddock. However, I think I will box an exacta with 5 and 3, and do a side bet on 28 to show (and not just because her name is Rachel). Of course, all this depends on the odds I get! And, while we are talking birds, let's not forget the immortal Grey Lag (1918-1942). Thanks for compiling this very informative selection of blogs!


Fun and imaginative lineup! Look forward to visiting all these posts!


Great creativity! I have just gotten back into blogging and looking at the blogs of others. A vauge rememberance of enjoying your blog in the past led me to come. Now I remember why.

Laura K

With all the creatively imagined posts we've been seeing for "I and the Bird," yours raises the "stakes" even higher!

Kirk Mona

Very creative I and the Bird!


Great presentation! It made me miss my days working up in Saratoga...though I won't miss the ads with the "call to the post" that seemed to play every five minutes!

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