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August 06, 2009


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I live in Fayetteville Arkansas and have 8 feeders. There are at least 12 hummers and is such a joy to watch


Do you think having 3 feeders close together will be okay they seem too only like the one spot have tried moving them around but always seem too have too put them back I must have 25 or more trying too feed off two feeders


I have so many hummingbirds. I have 4 feeders up but the hummingbirds seem too like 2 of the feeders the best i have them pretty close together but have so many trying too feed am thinking of putting another up

Laurie Walden

I love this site! I have 3 feeders up, they are med size feeders! I have counted at one time( not easy I must add😊), but I have counted 25 HB on my feeders at once.. I change feeders 2x daily!!!!!!! They are amazing to watch and I love their sounds!!!! Should I have more feeders up to accommodate them all??? It's like a raceway of hb!! I have them hanging on my back porch, covered porch, morning shade and afternoon sun!!!

Mary Pat Higley

Grouping the feeders has helped. Still a bully or two.

The Zen Birdfeeder

thanks for the update, mary pat!

Mary Pat Higley

Update - grouping hummingbird feeders cuts down on 'bully birds' that dont share.
Make sure to clean your feeders regularly and get rid of mold!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Mary Pat, let us know what happens with your experiment. And/or try putting a feeder out of sight of the other feeders.

Mary Pat Higley

I have my feeders spread throughout the yard. A bully hummingbird guards 3 feeders No sharing. I am going to put them closer and see what happens.

Refilling daily

The Zen Birdfeeder

Hi Maurice, you can buy them online at http://shop.wbu.com/products/productdetail/part_number=W10305/567.0?os=354
Thanks for asking!

Maurice Lovelace

How do you order you Hummingbird Feeders

The Zen Birdfeeder

Hi John, let us know what works for you!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Let us know how you do, Jeannette!

John in SW OR

I've had an Anna's male at one feeder for several weeks. Definitely a bully bird although he's allowed a single female to feed briefly. I decided to add a second feeder nearby and after about a week two more birds (at least one of them another male) have shown up and it's mayhem out there. I see that while first bird is busy chasing off two birds another one gets to a feeder. It may be that all of the others are taking advantage of his distraction by turns. I'm inclined to leave it as is for a couple of weeks to see if they sort it out somehow and if not move the feeders apart. Will try to come back here with an update.

Jeannette Skjei

I have a nest or two or three in a Christmas bush (not sure of the name but it has the red berries and sticker(y) leaves on it. I watch the hummingbirds go from my feeder straight across to this bush witch is about 20 feet tall so it's like a tree! And I watch the tree's branches moving from all the hummers in it!
Today I'm going to add another feeder just because I only seem to get one bird feeding at a time and would love to attract more.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Vickie, you on the Gulf Coast are SO lucky with the number of hummers you see!! Thanks for stopping in and sharing!

Vickie Johnson

i live on the Gulf Coast and never thought about the cluster of feeders. We have , this time of year, Sept, a lot of Hummingbirds. I fill the quart jar feeders no less than twice a day! I swear every year, I will not feed them again since I need to make 10 quartz a day just to maintain the consumption. BUT then I remember how much we, and people who come by to see them, enjoy watching them so much! I have pictures where you can count a hundred hummingbirds in one picture. As you said Zen, lots of hummingbirds on the gulf coast! And I will feed again next year , and the next.....

The Zen Birdfeeder

Carrie, you might want to try spreading them a little, though I do see many videos of clustered feeders (especially in the South) accommodating dozens of hummingbirds at a time. Good luck!


I added a 3rd feeder today because I had, what I thought, was about 5 hummingbirds fighting over the 2 feeders. After adding this 3rd feeder it still seems that whichever hummer finds the feeders 1st sits and guards it and then runs the others off. Also, after watching them today with the 3 feeders, I believe I have several more hummers. I have only been able to count 5 hummers flying around, fighting over the the feeders, but while those 5 are around the feeders I can still hear at least 3 hummers chattering in the trees. My feeders are about 2-4 feet apart, but I'm wondering if they are still too close? Even the one's on guard at each feeder will still sometimes run off other hummers from the other feeders if the "guard" has left his post to chase another away. Also, how many feeders should one need for 5-8 Hummers? I have only once seen 2 hummers at a feeder at the same time. I'm guessing that there was some nests nearby because at least 4 of these showed up at the beginning of last month & they looked much smaller than any hummingbirds I've ever seen so I'm pretty sure they were young hummers. Any advice on the feeder situation would be appreciated! I'm in East Texas, by the way!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Sandy, oh I'd love to see 15 hummingbirds at a time! Thanks for sharing your experiences with your hummers.

Sandy r

I also have a bully hummer. I grouped my three feeders together. I have about. 15 hummers. Such a joy to watch. I can hold a feeder and they will still come in to feed in Santa Fe Tennessee.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Ginny, great job finding that nest - they're not easy to find! Let us know how the additional feeders work for you. Thanks for the nice comment.


I just realized that I have a nest in my Maple tree. I also just noticed that the nester is chasing others away. I bought another and put it about 10 feet from the other one. Hoping this helps. I will get a couple more and place them around the back yard, too. Any thoughts? Great site by the way. I live in Nashville, Tennessee!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Susan, thanks for the great hummingbird report. Sounds like your feeders are busy!! I'm so glad you hung a feeder so you could enjoy them more. Happy birding!


I have so many hummingbirds at my feeder I have to refill it three times a day. I bought my home in southern Virginia late last summer so this is the first feeder I have put up. I hung it up off my back deck May 2 but didn't see any birds for a couple of weeks but now they are there from sunup to sundown. I hung another feeder on the porch but only have a few use it. I love watching them!

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