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April 13, 2009


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Margaret - thanks for the update. I'll put updated information in the post itself. Thanks again for caring!


Hi Nancy,

Just an update -- This past Tuesday I spoke with Aimee Mahoney at the Fort Edward Town Planning Board regarding the DEIS. She told me that there will be a "continued" public hearing on 5/27, and that the public comment period has been extended to 6/8. Ms. Mahoney can be reached at (518) 747-7914. See www.fortedwardnewyork.net for the most current info.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Margaret - good for you taking in all the DEIS. Audubon also picked it apart. Let's keep our fingers crossed and THANK YOU for taking a stand and making your voice heard!


Well, I reviewed the draft DEIS for "Prozac Meadows" (aka Killian's View, Ft. Edward) and got my comments out. (If you have seen the depictions of what it will look like, it appears particularly soulless even by housing development standards). The DEIS appears wholly inadequate on several points regarding potential impacts on the birds. Now, it will be interesting to see how we are blown off. (But it's always best to give them a run for their money anyway). Thanks again for raising the alarm!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Lana - thanks, blogging friend.
Margaret - thanks for taking action.
LNMP - good for you! We've GOT to take action on this one!


Nancy, I am thrilled that you posted this. Thank you! I finished my letter yesterday and it's going out in today's mail. It would be a terrible tragedy to lose this critically important grassland habitat to housing development.


Bravo, teen lunatic! You remind me of me, many moons ago! I feel really sad for our young people; their futures are being sold up the river. I feel sorry for the young person who, at some point in the future, tries to find a place of solitude in nature to soothe their insides, and finds none. (But, as society will tell you, there's always PROZAC!) But you can count on this aged lunatic to drop a line about this. If the 44 million professed birders in this country would do likewise, I think you'd see some change about such issues.


Thanks for the tip...I'll do what I can, of course!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Teen Lunatic - Good for you! Stand up for what you truly believe it. With teens like you around, it gives me hope for the future!

A lunatic of a teen

I must say this comment will be clean, but if I had my way it would be a little different.
I live in one of the largest housing developments in the tri-state area. I hate every second of it. If I had my way I would be in nature experiencing it every morning. Instead I have a nice view of the horrors of development on nature. The houses are crammed together down suburban streets, 1/5 of an acre a house, in an town where most houses have an acre or more. THE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE ON NATURE IS THIS AREA IS CATASTROPHIC! I moved in at the beginning, and saw the animals. The once thriving woodland was now torn up and down, and stray birds would fly around, many times OWLS, looking for food to get by. I haven't seen an owl or "rare" bird in at least 5 years, since we've moved in. I've lived here for a week longer than that.
With that said I live down in another area of the tri-state. Another teen getting mocked for caring about nature. Well people look up, this may be simply just a "project" but this is our world. And our last stand. Now give me a pen, or a typewriter. It's time to fight this every step of the way. I heard of this a day ago, and was up in arms. This development havoc must be stopped. For the birds, for us who enjoys nature, and all of the other animals that depend on these types of rare habitat. If you need anymore first hand experiences, I'll answer whatever needs to be done. I don't want this house, but I'm the teen of the house. Wait until I get my way...

Now say what you want, I'm a lunatic. Whatever, atleast I understand, and I plead that all of these readers do too.

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