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November 14, 2008


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Jennifer, I'm sorry, I can't speak from experience on whether rats eat safflower. It does vary amongst rodents; for example, chipmunks eat safflower seed!


Hi! Do rats like the safflower seed? I have seen one coming at night to eat off the ground under the feeder. I was hoping, if the squirrels don't like it, maybe the rats won't like it either?????

The Zen Birdfeeder

Douglas, interesting to hear how pet birds enjoy safflower as well. Thanks for sharing.

Douglas Smith

I raise Fancy Pigeon's & Ring Neck Doves. English Barb's, Valencian Figuritas, & Damascenes. They all like Safflower seeds like it's candy. I feed it mainly in the winter. My birds raise young through the winter months, with no heat. It helps keep the body weight of the older birds while feeding there young. This has been my hobby for over 25 years.Doug Smith in TN. Dr2Lofts

The Zen Birdfeeder

Kenny, the safflower seed could still germinate since there is a shell. The best way to eliminate that is to use sunflower without the shells, like Wild Birds Unlimited No-Mess Blends. Here's a link to my post about no-mess: http://wildbirdsunlimited.typepad.com/the_zen_birdfeeder/2014/04/seven-great-reasons-to-use-no-mess-birdseed-blends.html


question for you, I stopped using sunflower seeds because I got so many seedlings growing in the rocks, and the birds wasted so much..... if I start using safflower seed, will I have safflower seed blings growing in my rocks as we'll?

Hoping safflower seed might be an answer to the seedlings, and the pesky blackbirds.

thank you

The Zen Birdfeeder

Jeff, each summer, new broods of birds and squirrels often will try out EVERY new food source. As you mentioned however, safflower may be picked at, but is not their favorite. Thanks for your visit!


i live in LYNN,MA.at first grackles and squirrels did not go for the safflower seeds.over time they have got used to it.it mayu not be their favorite but when they are hungry things change.it does keep pigeons away.a much better choice than regular bird seed.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Dawn - glad I could help! Thanks for visiting.
Lana - birds do get spoiled. Keep trying on the safflower. Choose 1 feeder and stick with it.


Unfortunately safflower didn't seem to work for us. The squirrels still ate it & the birds didn't like it. We have weird critters, though. And spoiled (by sunflower seeds.)


thanks for the info...didnt know that about safflower seed..

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