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August 24, 2008


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Lana - rain-soaked birds are a sight! I think there are LOTS of molting jays all over from what I'm seeing on search engines!
Veery - thanks much. I think the finch mohawk was my favorite too.
Alan & Toni - get me out in the rain and I look like that too. Thanks for visiting!
Birdfreak - nest head...more fitting than bed head! :)
Vic - then you should vote for the jay! Thanks for visiting.


I love all of these birds but I cannot vote on the bad hair issue since I'm losing all mine! Very nice site.


My vote is for the Chickadee... looks like "nest head" to me :)


I vote for the chipping sparrow


I'll have to vote for the flat hairdo of the Chipping Sparrow.


My vote definately goes to the disheveled Purple Finch. Great photos!!


The 1st & last shots are sooo pathetic looking! Some of our jays are molting these days, too. I'm surprised sometimes that birds function as well as they do in the rain--particularly the smaller guys (chickadees, etc.)

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