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June 09, 2008


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Linda & Sig - thanks for writing us about Jess. We miss her and you're right, she'll be in our hearts forever.

Linda Bedell-Kwiatkowski

We are so sorry for your loss. We know how it feels. Whenever one of our kitties passes we grieve. But we know that we will meet up with them some day and you will see your little Princess as well. She had a long wonderful life and she'll live on in your hearts.
Linda and Sig Kwiatkowski

The Zen Birdfeeder

Robin - thanks so much. Maybe Jess and Cecil will meet up in the kitty afterlife!
Pat - I appreciate your comment. We can all share some story about our own Sid's, can't we?


I am so sorry about your loss. I certainly can relate to how you feel right now. I had 2 brothers from the same litter and last year had to put Sid to sleep and Max and I still miss him tremendously. Sid would have been 13 years old in a few months. I hope to find Sid over the rainbow bridge some day..........

Robin Solomon

Dear Nancy and Lois, My condolences on your loss of Princess Jess. We as cat lovers are fortunate to be chosen by such special creatures who love us unconditionally and give us such joy. I trust she is in a special place with my Cecil. They live on forever in our hearts.

Fondly, Robin Solomon

The Zen Birdfeeder

Sally - thanks for your support. Jess is still around us daily in so many ways.



Love that photo of Princess Jess. What a beautiful face. I have a friend whose dog passed a few weeks ago. She has felt her presence around her a few times letting her know she is okay in spirit. The other day a butterfly landed on the deck right next to her. She has always considered butterflies to be meaningful. It was black and white just like her dog and stayed and stayed. It was a very moving experience for her. I'm sure you will have such experiences with Jess too. She has not gone far.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Birdfreak - thanks, I appreciate the virtual hugs.
Sue - you're right, it just seemed like she kept going like the energizer bunny.
Diane & Sue - thanks, we're so glad you had the chance to meet her and stare at her ;)
Toni - thanks much!
Everyone - thanks to you all for your kind words of support. I will read to them often.


Sending you hugs and more hugs,
light and love.

Diane & Sue

Jess was special! So sorry to hear of her passing. She will live on in our hearts forever. Take care and see you soon!


Hoped this day would never come.
Jess was really something; it somehow seemed possible she'd be with us forever. Here are some hugs, hope they will help, knowing how very sad you must feel.
- Sue


So so sorry to hear about your loss. How wonderful she lived so long, but it is never long enough.

** Virtual hugs from Illinois / Real Prayers **


The Zen Birdfeeder

Sue - Thanks for your nice note. We'll see you soon.
Mike - welcome back, friend. I appreciate your note more than you know.
Don & Sher - she was beautiful and she KNEW she was beautiful - thus the "princess" title. Thank you for your comment.
Chad - thank you. We have many memories to choose from.
Okie Sister - welcome and thank you for your note.
Lana - thanks for the (virtual) hugs, I need them.
Liz - your first comment, in honor of Jess. Sorry I missed you at the store today but I'll see you soon. Thanks for your nice note, I really appreciate it.



I was so sorry to hear about your loss today when I came into the store and Lois told me. You know it really made me sad because it made me send my first comment to you. How nice it was to have such a beloved pet for such a long time. I know you both will cherish her memories. She was a very lucky cat to have you.


I'm so sorry, hon. I'm here for you if you need an ear to bend. *hugs*

Okie Sister

That's so sad. Sorry for your loss.


So sorry for your loss. Find comfort that all the wonderful memories help to ease the pain.

Don and Sher

...and she was beautiful.

Times like this are never easy, our best to you.


"Our memories of her will run long and deep"

What a beautiful sentiment. I'm sorry for your loss, and hopeful those years of memories will manage to brighten each day.
- Mike

Sue Fuss


Hugs to you both. I faced similar pain a year ago (only of the canine variety). Be good to yourselves.


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