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March 11, 2013


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Jeriann, don't get too far ahead. Remember we've had snow in April!
Barbara, I haven't seen females yet. It is fun to watch all the changes.
Daniel, ooh, I'd like to see Horned Larks regularly. Must be fields near you?

Daniel LaFrance

We have a lake in our front yard. Red-winged blackbirds, Horned Larks, Robins (new arrivals)and Killdeer.

Who knows who'll show-up tomorrow!


14 redwing black birds this morning say it's spring to me... one pair yesterday - very unusual to have a female so soon... but fun to see them.

A lovely time of year!

Jerriann Zinter

My backyard thought spring began on March 1st and I like that!! It gave me the fever and I've been cleaning and dewinterizing ever since :D

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