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December 19, 2011


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Poor Mr. Snowman Caption Contest seems to me pretty outstanding and also attractive. Makes me interested to know more about it. Thanks mate.

The Zen Birdfeeder

The winning caption is now shown below Mr. Snowman and was submitted by Donna. Congratulations Donna and thanks everyone for your clever entries!


Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled.


I'm known to many as the Bird Whisperer. They come to peck me for balance.

Barb Cox

All the little birdies on J Bird Street gonna to love this snowman he's a treat, treat, treat! (Sang to "Rockin' Robin" by the Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5)


I'm usually in deep meditation until my friends come over and peck-me.


When my friends aren't snacking, I meditate. They call me "The Zen Snowman"


Sadly, I'm allergic to carrots and my best friend is a snow flake.


Better too see the birds with three times more fun
I can see all around the yard

Carla Lemar

Whoa! All the snowflakes falling around me are making me Dizzy!


(In Alien voice)...



I have something on my face? I know, I'm saving it for later.


What? Why are you giving me the "cold" shoulder?


THat's not an eye, it's a beauty mark!

Christopher Ciccone

All your base, seed, and raisin are belong to us...

Lori Ann Christina

What Uni-brow?


Madeleine beat me to it. That was my first thought too!


Frosty would try anything to earn his place on the Island of Misfit Toys.


Enlightened Snowman, with Third Eye open, sees his purpose is to bring joy and nourishment to others.


Why, grandfather snowman, do you have three eyes? The better to feed the birds with!

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