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April 12, 2010


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 Belinda Sutton

i have four that come to my feeders an I only use the normal suet feeder but seen the pic of the one's on here I will be checking into them Thanks this is way cool and I have no idea where they nest either but once they pick a spot they stay.....I love them I got videos and pic's......I live in Michigan

The Zen Birdfeeder

Amy, great that you have 2 pileateds! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Griffin

We have 2 that I have been trying to get a photo of. I love hearing their calls. Union MS, Newton

The Zen Birdfeeder

Tony & Faye, lucky you with pileated woodpeckers nearby. Finding their nest can be difficult since they can be quite high on a tree (15-70 feet) and their territory very large (150-200 acres!). Enjoy their visits!

Tony & Faye Mier

We have had two or three mature Pileated Woodpeckers every year for a long time. Last year we saw one mature with three fledglings on our property, but have no idea where they were nesting. This year we have heard them, but haven't seen them. We live in Northwest Georgia.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Cathy, the suet log and double tail prop feeders are available at Wild Birds Unlimited - Saratoga Springs NY. Give us a call and we can tell you more about them and ship them to you! 518-226-0071.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Sheila, pileateds ARE huge! Thanks for sharing your sighting. Enjoy the birds!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Mitch, unless you have cats or other predators around that would change feeder activity, most likely is more abundant natural foods for the pileateds, making visits to your feeders less necessary. Keep trying, you'll still get the smaller woodpeckers!

Cathy sunshine

I have three pleated woodpeckers that come non my yard. I don't know what to fees them and don't know how to build a feeder that big. Can I purchase a feeder that large and where can I get one or two.
Poughkeepsie N.Y.


I had three come to my feeders quite regularly. Now this year nothing. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong


i have just seen a Pileated Woodpecker at my suet cage ,thats a big bird what a treat i live in Pincourt Qucbec

The Zen Birdfeeder

Donna, if you hang it in a place squirrels can get to, they will definitely be interested in the suet. So either hang it on a baffled birdfeeding station like our Advanced Pole System, http://shop.wbu.com/products/productdetail/part_number=1026/567.0?os=354
or if hanging from a tree, hang it way out on a branch and use a Mandarin baffle that blocks access from top.
Or use WBU Hot Pepper Suet http://shop.wbu.com/products/productdetail/part_number=553/567.0?os=354 Squirrels taste the capsaicin, the birds don't!


We got a double suet cake feeder with a kick stand for the Pilates woodpeckers.
Where and how do you hang or mount this feeder? We do have a lot of squirrels in our area.
If hanging in a tree does it need a baffle?

The Zen Birdfeeder

Chris - thanks much.
Francia - what a wonderful thing to say. Comments like that make this blog easy to keep up! Thank you so much.


Please, please don't stop doing this wonderful job. You always have something new. Thank's a lot.


Incredibly lucky to have Pileated Woodpeckers. Truly amazing. Hairy and Downies are common...and an occasional Red Headed also.

We will have our winter suet ready just in case.

Wild Bird Watching

The Zen Birdfeeder

Lana - Buntings are so beautiful!
LNMP - See ya soon?
JenZnewlife - that sounds like a great idea! Maybe one of our customers will try. I'll let you know.


Have you tried bananas? Just a thought. I have lineated woodpeckers who love eating from my banana racks.


I'll have to come up to WBU and take a look - a male Pileated Woodpecker has been visiting, but hasn't shown any interest in our "regular" suet feeder.


Unfortunately we haven't seen pileateds here in a while now. On the plus side, however, the indigo buntings are arriving! :)

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