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January 26, 2010


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Linda - more trees yes. Will look over the Soil & Water Cons District offerings and see what kind. Hopefully the SWCD program doesn't get cut!


Will you be planning to plant some more Ash trees? I saw some up near Lake Desolation and the birds just loved it! Eating berries and soaking up the sun. I read about the cuts and the AVC closing. What a shame.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Avimor - I'm glad this post helped you out and gives you cause to plant an ash and not avoid it! Wonderful!
Sue - Haven't planted seedlings (from NYSDEC) recently but should...
Lana - well said!


I know how this can feel. Amazing how trees extend their roots even into our hearts. *hug*

Sue Fuss

Excellent post - and perspective! I hope y'all are still planting seedlings on a regular basis and you remind me to find ways to do the same.


Avimor Birder

Sorry for you loss of the Mountain Ash tree. I am grateful for your post. I've been gathering a list of trees that specific bird species like so that I can plant them in the little birding oasis I am building. I had not yet found the right tree for Sapsuckers and your post gave me great information!

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