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December 01, 2009


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Lou, thank you. The information was provided by WBU, Inc. Glad you enjoyed it.


Brilliant research, thank you. My windows have seen the demise of Eurasian Collared Dove and Thrush, no Junco's.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Robert - that's too bad. Probably because they're so abundant but maybe also their angle of flight and the reflections on the windows from that angle. Try some feather guards that let them know something's there they should avoid.
Amy - I found some really interesting facts in this as well!


I really enjoyed reading these facts. Hardly little birds. Neat that the sexes split their migration so much. I guess we should have a lot of males here in Chicagoland.

Robert Mortensen

I have been counting "death by window strike" victims at my home and at my neighbors for the last year. Juncos lead the tally by a large margin. I wonder if it is because they are more abundant or if they are just not as smart as other birds. Red-winged Blackbirds, Robins, and Mourning Doves are the next in line. At my home I have a 10' deep covered patio with large picture windows. My wife has blinds and curtains on them and my feeders are 30' away, but juncos still hit my windows weekly.

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