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June 08, 2009


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Cathy - I did the same today. Heard jays, went out to check for a hawk, but didn't see anything.


Loved the blue jay link. We have a family of blue jays living around our yard this year. They regularly bring the juveniles with them to the feeders. The chickadees are hardly intimidated by them at all; the others that are, seem to know that the jays will soon fly off and leave them in piece.
I like the jays around because they are a warning system against the neighbors cat, who has been coming into my yard, lurking in my plantings and in the shrubs. When I'm in or around the house, if I hear the jays alarming, I either go out myself or let the dog out....


Excellent post! Two of the links are from Maine. Thanks for the mention!


Thanks for the link!

Dawn Fine

I really enjoy this feature on your blog..
thanks for all the great links...A few you have mentioned are some of my favorites!

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