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January 01, 2009


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The Zen Birdfeeder

Alan - lots of reports of Pine Siskins! What a great winter for birds so far!
Sally - I shared your good report with Lois. Congrats on all your finches!


I received a finch feeder for Christmas along with the niger and sunflower chips. Just like Lois said, it attracted the Pine Siskins! With the addition of another feeder, I think I've tripled the number of birds coming. The Bark Butter has been fun to put out too. As I've been watching the activity I've noticed that Juncos on the ground will not get any closer than a foot near to each other. As one hops closer to the other, the other moves away. While they feed, they constantly move so as to keep that distance. Not like the siskins who are shoulder to shoulder on the feeder. Or the chickadees who will land on the feeder even if someone is already there.



Great info! I saw Pine Siskins for the first time at my feeders just a few days ago. There fun to watch.

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