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November 24, 2008


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The Zen Birdfeeder

I'm still waiting for the Evening Grosbeaks this winter. Creepers are cool! Good visitor! Thanks for your comment.


I noticed the Cardinals in my yard are more active when my Squirrel Buster Plus is out. What I'd really like to see in my yard are some Grosbeaks, and Titmice. There was a couple of Brown Creepers about 2 months ago around my house I think because of migration (I live in Michigan), but it was still cool because I'd never seen them before.

The Zen Birdfeeder

Loretta - lucky you seeing those birds on a count day. That doesn't always happen, does it? I saw an American Tree Sparrow over the weekend, then none on my Mon-Tues count days.
You be careful out there on the golf course! Thanks for your comment and stop by again soon.


I'd LOVE to have an Oriole. I saw one on a golf course once and almost fell out of the cart I was so excited! I recently did see a Carolina Wren and a Redbreasted Nuthatch at my feeder and was so excited, especially since they appeared on a Project FeederWatch Count Day!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Hi Larry - we all want the "other" bird, don't we? I'm waiting for the Evening Grosbeak return and hearing lots of reports of siskins in the northeast. And have you seen the snowies in CT yet?


I don't have so many of the ones that you do get-like grosbeaks and redpolls!

The Zen Birdfeeder

Bob - I can see they're not in all of AZ so you're lucky! Thanks for your comment.
Lana - I've never seen a Painted Bunting but would LOVE to! So beautiful!


I wish I could send you some of our birds. There are plenty we don't have, I'm sure. Among those I'd love to see (& doubt I ever will,) is the painted bunting. They've been reported in the area, but they're so rare now, unfortunately.

Bob K

Very nice story. We saw our first Cardinal in Arizona and we were so excited!

The Zen Birdfeeder

bevson - the cardinals I see here are very skittish as well. This one was on the wooded side of the house and I took the picture through the window.
Toni - migrating birds kind of tease us, don't they? Stop for awhile, then move on. I'd put our Fox Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows on that list of teaser birds.
Margaret - I'll keep listening and watching. I've had both winter and house wrens - just no carolinas.
Ann - I was lucky enough to have a Pine Grosbeak at the feeders last year. I think it may have been a "once-in-a-lifetime" visit.
Vickie - interesting isn't it. Cardinals are year-round in NY, just not at my house. We find that cardinals are very suburban birds and less prevalent in rural areas like where I live.
Mick - cardinals are real favorites in the states. Probably #1 or #2 of the birds people want to attract, at least in upstate NY.


Fantastic birds - I'd love to see them - and of course we don't get them out here in Australia.


Hi, Nancy. The info in your post was a surprise to me. I guess I thought everyone had cardinals, carolina wrens and red-bellied woodpeckers year around. In TN we have cardinals year around. Red-bellys and carolina wrens are still here but I would have to do more research and observation to confirm if they in my area throughout the winter. Where you are, is it the cold or the habitat that makes them absent?

me Ann my camera

Your Cardinal story sounds like ours. At first never, then changed to seldom, and we are now awaiting our first for the winter for we haven't seen any since last winter. Carolina Wren status stays at never,I guess we are too far north and Red-bellied Woodpeckers, well we're waiting for although it is a rare sort of bird for our province, there have been quite a few reports of others having them this late fall and we have had a few visits from that species before.

What am I really waiting for? Pine Grosbeaks one of my favourite winter birds, I love them.


Nancy, I did hear a Carolina Wren "tea-kettling" in the neighborhood last spring - so keep listening/looking. We may get another "pioneer" yet. Who knows what we'll get in the long run with the predicted climate change?


Nancy I do get Cardinals but I don't get Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. they will pass through in the Spring but that's it just a pass through.


I love your cardinal shots!!!! I live deep in the woods, so I don't have many of the common birds. I do have cardinals but mine are skittish and won't pose as nicely as yours.

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